About Us

It was over a decade and half back, when a young entrepreneur freshly out of University and a vision for the future, embarked upon the journey to the Centre of Universe - what is commonly known as Mt. Kailash and Manasarover region in Tibet, China. 

What started as an exploratory trip with also the aim of fulfilling the adventurous streak within, had a soul churning impact due to the sheer spiritual energy that the place emanates. 

Thus, it became the mission of Abhiyan Travels & Tours (I) Pvt. Ltd. to send as many people to this almost forbidden land with one of the most unique landscapes of unparalleled beauty and to make it accessible to people from all walks of life, of all age groups, because, this is one place where one can satiate two of the most important human streaks - the spiritual fulfillment and the sense of adventure. Thus visiting Mt. Kailash holds great fascination for young and elders alike. 

In the span of last 17 years, four most prominent routes have evolved as per convenience for the common pilgrim / adventure enthusiast. 

* Exclusive trip by helicopter : meant for those with discerning taste for things in life and time constraint. 
* Journey by trek : meant for physically fit and those who wish to attain spiritual fulfillment as well as satiate the adventurous streak. 
* Overland Trip : the most common and the least expensive tour plan. 
* Kailash Trip including Lhasa : meant for those who wish to savour each and every flavour of the forbidden land called Tibet. 

With each year adding to the experience, we have built a solid team that has great enthusiasm and passion for this ultimate journey. Plus we have the advantage of having state-of-the-art camping infrastructure to make the journey as comfortable as possible as we go along one of the toughest terrains in the world to travel.